Central Reservation comes into use for your hotel chain

A hotel CRS system or better known as central reservation system enables all kinds and sizes of hotel groups and chains to maintain a complete and centralized control over their reservations in multiple locations.

Central Reservation
Centralized control on inventory

Centralized Control On Inventory

You can monitor the entire inventory of all your locations on OTAs, GDS, hotel website and other channels from one place with the CRS system.

One call-centre for bookings

One Call-Centre For Bookings

The central reservation system enables you to take bookings and enquiries of any location of your hotel group from a single window.

Centralized guest profile

Centralized Guest Profile

The CRS hotel system helps you serve your guests better by generating a single profile of all the guests staying at any location of your hotel chain.

Centralized travel agents profile

Centralized Travel Agents Profile

Handle all your chain-wide travel agents and keep track of the bookings they get for you effortlessly, all from a single place with our CRS system.

One booking One Voucher

One booking One Voucher

Regardless of the locations your guest books at in his one journey, he’ll get just one voucher. This reduces his to and fro to check multiple vouchers.

Multiple Properties Single Login

Multiple Properties Single Login

Our central reservation system for hotels gets you a single login across all your properties, relieving you from multiple login credentials.